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Whirlwind update NIX, and new projects!

Hello everyone,

Since March everything has come to a stop convention wise as everyone knows, and I hope that everyone is safe and is doing well. The plans we had to go sell copies of NIX chapters 1-3 at conventions. We are working on setting up a new store to get these to those of you who would like a copy. We are also working towards getting Webtoon updated as well. We are woking on finishing up Chapter 5 of NIX and still working towards getting the rest of the book completed and collecting a volume with our first story. Susan and I are taking our time wrapping up the story given the state of the world and some life events over the past few months.

As for new projects I have begun working on a new comic book project with another collaborator and will have news to share on that end really soon!

I hope to continue to post on a more regular basis moving forward!



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