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Wasatch Con April 24-25

Susan and I will be attending Wasatch con in Salt Lake City Utah this April, here is their post regarding our visit. Here is a link to the cons Facebook:


We are thrilled to announce this talented pair of creators for Wasatch Comic Con!

Brian Hess

Brian Hess has been illustrating indie comics since 2007. Building on his experience in animation and video games as well as his love for comic books and animated films, Brian has developed a distinctive style that is emotionally expressive, dynamically cartoonish, and deeply colorful. In 2014, he teamed up with writer and co-creator Susan Beneville for the successful all-ages series Awake from Action Lab Comics. Following Awake, Brian was chosen by the creators of Netflix’s Miraculous Ladybug to create an original comic book mini-series based on the show. He also has guest spots on the popular all-ages title Princeless, was the cover artist for Peter David's Artful Dodger, and contributed to Dan Mendoza's Zombie Tramp 2016 Halloween special. Brian and Susan are hard at work on their latest all-ages graphic novel, Nix, about two powerful youngsters who must prevent their Empyreal families’ feud from destroying the world. Work-in-progress on Nix can be followed on Webtoon.

Susan Beneville

Susan Beneville is an indie comic creator and screenwriter living in Oakland, California. Her all-ages series, Awake, was published by Action Lab Entertainment. Awake, co-created with artist Brian Hess, is about a young girl and her brother who have the power to wake and talk to planets that are in trouble. Susan previously published an all-ages adventure comic called The Atlantinauts, with art by Brian Hess, about a team of ordinary kids who go in search of Atlantis. Susan and Brian are currently working on a new all-ages graphic novel called Nix, a fantasy story about mischievous a young spirit who must recruit the heir of her enemies to prevent a war between their clans.

Susan is also currently working on a mature-themed politically satirical space opera called L.I.S., as well as a new YA fantasy/coming-of-age project, Sanya & The Blue. Check out previews of Nix on Webtoon.



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